‘H’ John Mejia
Business Growth Strategist
  • TV Host/Media Producer
  • Marketing & Sales Expert
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Entrepreneur, CEO
  • Best Selling Author of: ’Step Into Your Zone'

john mejia is a media expert and sales strategist in tampa florida

'H' John Mejia's Mission:
To help companies and their teams find their 'ZONE' and achieve breakthrough levels of success in sales, marketing, and media through his cutting edge proven strategies!

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About 'H' John Mejia
Guiding Companies to the 'ZONE" of Next Level Results

Award-winning, TV host/producer and entrepreneur, ‘H’ John Mejia, is the author of ‘Step Into Your Zone’. As a proven business strategist and motivational speaker, he has worked with Fortune 500 companies, small and medium sized businesses, professionals, athletes, and celebrities across the globe.

His strategies have helped clients generate over three billion + dollars in sales with unique marketing tactics, sales prowess, and loyalty programs.

A former college All-American football player (Tight End) , he did sign NFL, USFL and MLFS contracts. Today, he is a recognized leader in media, marketing, and sales. Time and time over, he delivers clients breakthrough results.

'H' John Mejia is a proven motivational speaker and keynote speaker in tampa fl
‘H’ John Mejia
Team Up with “H”

  • Speaker

    Looking for a speaker that can make a lasting impact? Let “H” John Mejia deliver a high energy, exciting, and engaging message that your audience will connect with and learn from!

  • Consulting

    'H' John Mejia has advised companies (big and small) and individuals. His innovative strategies as it relates to Media, Marketing, Sales, and Performance are proven to deliver you bottom line results!

  • Book

    In his new book, ’Step into Your Zone’, ‘H’ shares his secrets through his experiences and struggles to help you breakthrough and experience the ‘Zone’ and produce the business results you desire!

Watch the Business Zone TV Show with 'H'

The ‘Business Zone TV Show ’, hosted by ‘H’ John Mejia, features in depth, one on one interviews with top entrepreneurs, business leaders, and celebrities. Get to know them, up close and personal, while learning the key strategies to their success!

'Step into your Zone'
Book by "H" John Mejia
The special place athletes know as the ‘ZONE’ is available to all of us in business too!

Fight through limiting beliefs and self sabotage. Let ‘H’ John Mejia share his secrets through his experiences, struggles, and lessons from OTHER high achievers to help you breakthrough and experience the ‘Zone’ ! You too can produce the record breaking business results you desire.

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Let’s Create 'ZONE' Results
Reach out for a free initial consultation and learn how, ‘H’ John Mejia, can help you find your 'ZONE' and positively impact your business as it relates to Media - Marketing - Sales - and Peak Performance.