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Giving your employees kudos when well deserved can be done through social media, inter-company communications, or in person. Use one or do all three.

Employee Incentive Programs: One of the best things you can do to reward your exemplary employees is to recognize them publicly among their peers. In studies that go back decades, it has been said over and over again that in a situation where there are multiple employees working in a division or department of a company, most employees cite recognition as their first priority when being rewarded for a job well done. Among supervisory personnel, where a raise in salary tops the list, the other employees prefer to be recognized by their superiors.

In supervisory training exercises, a common training point is that it is most important to give employees praise in public and criticism in private. This supports the idea that employees love to be recognized. The way you applaud someone who has exceeded expectations, met or surpassed goals, or made transitions to new operations or programs can take many forms.

In today’s social media and electronic world, this is easily done. On the other hand, it can be overdone to the point of saturation and reduced meaning. For best impact;

  • Choose one day per month when you announce an employee of the month and tout that employee’s award on your Facebook page, on your website, and then send out tweets and emails.
  • Use whatever media your company has adopted as its way of communicating within the ranks.
  • Depending on your company situation and how you interact with the public, it might also have a big impact with the employee if you announce it publicly as well as among other employees.

Social media is a great way to do it.

Imagine your company tweets going out for the day with updates, interesting links to product developments, and a tweet giving kudos to one of your stellar employees who has not missed a day of work in an entire year. Perhaps you have an engineer who worked overtime for 3 months to get a software program in place before an important event takes place and you want to applaud her publicly.

There’s nothing like a personal visit from you to give a pat on the back when it is well deserved, but these days we have so many other ways to shout their accomplishments to others that you don’t have to stop there. Make it public or keep it among relevant members of your company family. In any case, the deserving people who go above and beyond to keep your company competitive and running will appreciate your personal congratulations publicly stated.

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