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Got a complaint or issue with a company or its products? It now takes seconds to send the complaint viral as opposed to the old snail mail or email methods for lodging complaints.

Online MarketingThe idea of complaining about something you’ve paid good money for was once a bastion of those who had the time and could remain mad enough long enough to get the complaining done. It was never for those who are busy or find it easy to cool down and let bygones be bygones.

The effort it has always taken to file a complaint was hardly worth the trouble, although many companies have been very good at replying by snail mail to your letter. The reply might even have been accompanied by a nice 50 cent off coupon for yet more of their products that angered you in the first place. Emails are a step up, but one can still be left wondering days after initial communication.


“Now, things are very different. As a business you must pay close attention to the tweets, posts, and blogs that mention your company because it takes mere seconds for savvy electronics users to express their dissatisfaction.”

There’s a bit of a psychological factor that exists today as well. It seems that when people are frustrated about absolutely anything at all, they start texting, tweeting, posting their frustration right away. It’s almost as though there’s a new way to blow off steam. There is no real time to rethink the complaint before it goes out to the universe. If your company happens to be the object of that frustration, it can put a definite smudge on your reputation. That’s the downside of today’s complaint mode in comparison to spending time with a pen and paper, finding a stamp, and mailing off your opinion, which no doubt would be somewhat cooled off by the time the letter hit the mailbox.

The Importance and Advantages of Monitoring Your Social Media

The great news is that you can respond just as quickly to diffuse the situation before it goes viral and gets blown out of proportion. Someone in the company must be assigned to monitor the social media activity so a response can be swift and practical. If someone on your staff is a good communicator and is good at peace keeping in potentially volatile arguments, that would be an ideal candidate to head up your new and improved ‘customer service’ department.

Many larger companies have acknowledged this swing toward instant communication with customers and have made the transition well. Getting a quick answer from a travel agent, for example, when one is in mid-travel and having difficulties with a train ticket can do wonders for the agent who monitors and responds to the consumer in a time frame that is truly useful and can solve the immediate problem.

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