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The traditional website and social media formats have become an integrated part of today’s best marketing campaigns. Use both, but marry them to each other for best results.

Social Media and Internet MarketingCapitolMarketing.comIt was bound to happen and sooner rather than later. We are seeing the marriage of two major marketing formats intertwined for even better coverage in marketing campaigns. The companies using social media to contact their customers and potential clients are mixing it up by linking their tweets and Facebook posts to internet websites.

Those who used the internet to attract attention to their products or services are now linking their web pages by adding QR codes and including action buttons that take users to their social media accounts.

Social media plug-ins on e-commerce web sites are convenient for users who want to interact with others or with the company by leaving reviews, responding to blog posts, and asking questions. It’s a great way to add a more interactive feature to what was once simply a website.

The best that one could do with a website is to provide a contact tab that lists the phone numbers, email address, and a physical address if one is applicable. Though email can give a user a fairly quick answer to any questions or concerns, it certainly isn’t as lightening fast as having someone shoot an answer tweet back to a potential customer who wants to know where they can see a photo of your products or get your website to place an order in the shopping cart.

Using both types of communication, internet web pages and social media, your ability to respond to users is simply a matter of how diligent and timely you can be. Some companies hire someone to monitor and answer queries 24/7.

You can be proactively available at all times if your business relies on it by giving your users every possible way to contact you. In today’s world of instant communication, customers are happiest when they can get an answer in a reasonable time frame. Complaints can be addressed, concerns can be discussed with a representative of your business, and questions about your products can be answered in a hurry so you don’t miss any of those impulse purchases.

“Today’s buyers aren’t necessarily patient and will switch over to another web page or social media contact to get what they want when they want it.”

Don’t miss out on the advantages to be gleaned from a happy marriage between your social media formats and your more traditional web pages. Create a new marketing campaign based on both.

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