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The making of a video for marketing can be done with a very small budget, but you must be attentive to the details. Have patience and you’ll end up with a quality video that viewers will want to share.

IntheZoneTV.com: Video marketing is a phenomenon that seems to have replaced ordinary advertising by leaps and bounds. The good news is that you might not need to record a simple video in a professional studio with knowledgeable video technicians at the helm. Newer video recording devices allow for the average person to make digital short films that are entertaining and interesting enough that hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of viewers can see at their whim. You Tube is one example of where you can post your videos and link them to your social media to get the viewing started.

Creating video for yourself does require attention to detail so you get the best results from your efforts. It may not cost you much in the way of hard cash, but it will cost you lots of time and patience to get it right. There’s a reason for all of those TV and film jokes showing ‘…take one…take 23’ and so on. It’s quite rare to get a perfect ‘take’ the first time. Be prepared to do your segments over as many times as necessary until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Lightness and Brightness

Use lots of light. Natural light is best, so try to shoot your video at the brightest times of day. If you need to shoot indoors, use a room that allows natural light to come in. Add extra lighting as needed. Use purchased, borrowed, or rented lights on stands that can be adjusted. Putting up white board or sheets will help to reflect the light. Watch your shadows when adding light and position subjects appropriately. Take a little practice footage and view it to see where you need to make adjustments. Proper lighting helps to produce sharper images and gives the film a more professional appearance.

Sound Quality

Sound is the other critical element. Invest your money in a good microphone. The one found on typical video cams will not produce good sound balance. You can rent or borrow good mikes if necessary. Eliminate all background noise and make sure that the sound level is as close to perfect as possible. Shoot a little and listen to the sound to hear what the viewers will hear. Sound quality will affect how many views your film receives so make sure it’s excellent.

Script Your Content

Create your content and practice it as though you were reading a script for prime time television. Your views and the response your business receives depends on how smoothly and pleasantly you can deliver your information. If you need to shoot in segments, go ahead and do so and join them together when you are in the editing process. The final product should have good quality lighting, sound, and content presented in a way that has viewers sharing your video link.

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