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Knowing your competition is important when formulating your SEO marketing campaign. Study what makes the competitors’ customers react and spend time searching their sites.

Online Marketing: Marketing any product or service requires some diligent study of the competition for best results. It won’t matter how fabulous your new website is or how clever your new ad campaign if you have no idea what your competitors are doing. Know who they are, where they do business, and what their websites look like.

One clue that will tell you that you might want to pay more attention to the competition is when your campaigns aren’t working, though you believe they are very good and well thought out. What could be keeping viewers from clicking through and converting your ads to sales?

Find Your Competitors Marketing Campaigns

All is not lost as this can easily be turned around, giving you the information you really need when creating and publishing a new marketing campaign.

  • You’ll need to know who they are and where to find them.
  • Make a list of their websites and what they are selling.
  • Are their products similar to yours and which ones are different?
  • Note how the website looks overall and whether it looks like it has been designed by a professional. Look at their content and note how much they have.
  • Do they provide lots of general and specific information about their services or products?

With an abundance of information on the site, there are naturally keywords that will come up in a search, making the site favorable to search engines, particularly if the information is relevant and to the point for the subject of the site.

Check Your Competitors Keywords

Try to figure out what keywords they are using and measure the density of those keywords. Note whether the keywords are used within the meta tags, headings, URLs, and as captions for images.

Check the SEO rankings by checking Google’s page ranks, their performance on Bing, and their ranking on Yahoo. Using specific tools you can find out about your competitors’ backlinks, which are very important when looking for good SEO ranking.

Social Media and SEO

Social media plays a huge part in driving traffic to websites, so be sure to look for your competitor’s Facebook page and Twitter account. These can be very telling as far as what additional measures they are taking to draw attention to their company. Anyway that consumers use to find your competition is going to be important information to you. Your potential customers have search habits that will be reflected in your competition’s numbers. Use this information to learn from your competitors to improve your campaign and compete with the best of them.

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