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If you know anything about business web marketing, then there is no doubt that you’ve heard of two powerful offerings from the Internet powerhouse, Google: Google Maps and Google Places.

Since Google has made it impossible to have a Google Places listing without having a Google + page for your business, Google has now made listing your business social. If you have not created a Social Media profile for your business on Google+, below are 4 reasons why you should.

Google Places is an extension of Google Maps, bringing points of interest from Google Maps to life with individualized Places pages.  If your business is not using both Google Maps and Google Places to attract new customers, then you should work on setting up your Google presence, and right away.  Want to know more?  Here are three easy ways Google Maps and Google Places will deliver customers to your door:

Highly targeted marketing.  When you complete your Google Places listing, you have the option of targeting your listing for your ideal consumer market in a number of different ways.  You do this by enriching your content with keyword phrases that are aimed at reaching the very people your business serves, by choosing categories for your business that will attract those who are most likely to become paying customers, and by creating ads and deals that are specifically designed with your primary market in mind.

Your Google Maps place marker.  When you create your business listing on Google Places and have the corresponding business location marked on Google Maps (with that familiar blue pin that Google users have come to know and love), you are literally making your business available to everyone who searches for a business like yours in your area.  That means that even if someone doesn’t know the exact name of your business, or that person is searching using general keywords that pertain to your business, your business’ location marker will show up on the Google search Map results.

Two powerhouses, working together.  Think of it this way: everyone who searches the Internet using Google (and let’s face it, that’s practically everyone who uses the Internet) sees both Google Places page listings as well as Google Maps results.  This means your business has an even greater chance of standing out and getting the attention you want it to when you take advantage of using Google Places and Google Maps together.

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