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Using a combination of video marketing and SEO knowledge can help to increase your conversion rate and search engine results ranking. Know your target market and use specific keywords to describe your videos.

earch Engine Optimization – Video Marketing is what businesses do to increase the probability that their web pages, and ultimately their products, will be seen by those seeking information. One can simply create blog posts, post comments on Facebook, put up videos on YouTube, or write articles about their products and related subjects in the hope that those in their target market see them.

The Art of Creating Video Content That Addresses SEO

Better yet, and far more effective, is mastering the art of creating video content that addresses SEO within the posts to increase the chances of being seen. After all, what’s the point of posting relevant and well thought out video material for your customers and potential clients if they will never see it?

Good SEO must address the requirements of the particular search engines you wish to be visible on. They do change and become more effective over time, reflecting the habits of their users, so you will want to keep up with the current trends in SEO marketing campaigns that work. Google, for example, has become quite interested in putting video information at the front of their results pages. So, one would reason, it might be a good idea to create some video presentations to post on your site, using a title that contains specific words describing your content and product.

If you are selling fishing reels for fly fishing, make a video of someone demonstrating your latest reel. Title it with an appropriate title including ‘fly fishing reel’ in the wording. Google users that type ‘fly fishing reel’ into the search bar are likely to be treated to your excellent video demonstration and the chance to order your new product.

A title that doesn’t mention the key search term that is prevalent in your video will not likely be seen by the intended market.

Instead of calling your video ‘A Fine Day at the River’ you will have more hits by calling it ‘Fly Fishing’s Newest Equipment’ or something of that nature. A well-made title can help to put your video marketing display right on top of the Google search results page.

As tempting as it may be, think marketing instead of art production when it comes time to title your work. Your video should be a combination of fine art and the knowledge of what it takes to make it marketable. This tip can help to make your sales numbers increase and your web page’s conversion rate soar.

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