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Step Up With Digital Technology

Take a step into the modern world of advertising technology. Many businesses are still falling behind due to a hesitance to advertise online. According to the European Commission Digital Agenda, there are over two thirds of shoppers in the UK that make...

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Making of a Video for Marketing

The making of a video for marketing can be done with a very small budget, but you must be attentive to the details. Have patience and you’ll end up with a quality video that viewers will want to share. IntheZoneTV.com: Video marketing is a phenomenon that...

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Keeping an Eye On the Competition

Knowing your competition is important when formulating your SEO marketing campaign. Study what makes the competitors’ customers react and spend time searching their sites. Online Marketing: Marketing any product or service requires some diligent study of...

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H John MejisAbout the Author: ‘H’ John Mejia is a Business Consultant who specializes in proven- cutting edge Media, Marketing, and Sales strategies. He is an award  winning TV Host /Producer and uses his sales and marketing expertise to help companies increase sales and profitability. He offers a ‘Free Consultation’ and can be reached from his contact page or by phone at 727-423-7536.

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