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Avoiding eyestrain is one way to increase your productivity behind the computer. Share these tips with your co-workers and employees to help them work more comfortably.

Spending hours on end staring at your computer screen is bound to result in at least the occasional headache. In addition, when we aren’t at the desk we carry our laptops everywhere, or have other electronic devices that keep us in a never ending cycle of viewing what may be harmful to our eyes. The resulting eye strain, called CVS, computer vision syndrome, can cause lost time due to blurred vision, muscle strain, and headaches. It’s difficult to think clearly when your head hurts. Stay on top of your game by using a few tips from AllAboutVision.com.

The most obvious first step is to get an exam to see if you need glasses or just need to upgrade the ones you are currently using. Vision professionals may be able to fit you with prescription glasses that are designed for computer viewing. Vision problems can be corrected and should make your time spent at the computer less strenuous on your eyes. Blinking as often as you think of it will help keep your eyes from drying out, which is common in computer users. There is a tendency not to blink at normal intervals when staring at an electronic device. Artificial tears may help if necessary.

  • Adjust the light in the room, on your screens, and in the display.
  • The room lighting should be comfortable, not bright, and fluorescent lighting should be changed or avoided as it is harsh to your vision.
  • Screen glare can be reduced by use of an anti-glare screen, or add AR (anti-reflective) coating to your lenses if you wear glasses. The new flat panel LCD’s are less irritating than the older CRT type monitor screens.
  • Replace your monitors with anti-reflective screens with as large a size and display as possible.
  • The brightness can also be adjusted to reflect the ambient light that surrounds you.

And finally, it is suggested that you look away from your computer or other device’s screen now and then. The more often you can take a look across the room the more relaxed your focus will be. This helps to reduce the fatigue that you may be experiencing. Stand up, stretch your arms, your shoulders, and your back occasionally to help reduce muscle strain.

Working with blurry vision or a killer headache is not only painful, it is definitely counterproductive. By following these few suggestions you may find that your productivity increases while you are in front of the computer. If you have employees it is a great idea to clue them in on these tips as well. Fewer headaches means more work can be accomplished in an hour’s time.

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