Social Media StrategyUsing social media is a quick and efficient way to get your message out to the world. The items you post will be available immediately and can’t be taken back, so be sure to create a solid strategy that reflects your desired company image.

Tampa Florida – Digital Marketing: Social media use for business applications is expected by users the world over. Twitter messages can be posted in London and read in the same millisecond from America to Tunisia and beyond. Facebook pages are read and responded to in real time no matter where you are in the world. As long as there is electronic communications possible, the entire world is connected and fast. That’s why using social media to promote your brand or get any message across requires a well thought out strategy that has specific purpose.

The quick readability of your messages, posts, blogs, articles, pictures, and videos means that once you press ‘send’ there’s an instant exposure of your post, which is terrific for business. The down side is that when you send something, it should be on purpose as there is no retrieving it once it’s gone. That’s why a well planned strategy is in order and should be strictly adhered to by all who have the authority to post on behalf of your organization. One only needs to read the daily news feeds to understand how one tiny gaffe can be misunderstood and create very damaging results.

To fully take advantage of the world of social media:

  1. First ask yourself what you want to accomplish by using it.
  2. Determine whether you want to simply post informative blog posts and product information
  3. Or do you intend to build a community where potential customers can discuss your products or services among themselves, with your moderator interjecting where necessary.

Decide who will have charge of your social media communications. Someone will need to make posts, either pre-approved or in real time as events and opportunities occur, and you’ll need a moderator/monitor to keep abreast of any comments that need to be answered or addressed.

It isn’t wise to create social media presence and then leave it unattended, as someone could post something negative, either as a real complaint or as a prank and you’ll need it taken care of quickly. Choose someone with tact in dealing with customers as these issues will be in the public eye.

Develop a solid message and the image you want to project. Incorporate advertising of products and specials, promotional deals, and introduction of new products or services according to your brand in keeping with your company’s mission statement. Use tools to monitor the results and conversion rates, if appropriate, and adjust as necessary.

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