About 'H' John Mejia

H John Mejia'H' John Mejia is a recognized authority on the psychology of sales, marketing, and peak performance. He has worked with many Fortune 1000 companies, small and mid size companies, pro-athletes, and celebrities. As an award winning TV producer & host, he has created and appeared on TV programs that have aired on ABC, ION, Fox Sports, Comcast and MOR-TV. Over his career he has helped his clients generate close to one billion dollars in new and incremental sales revenue. His life mission is to inspire and motivate companies, organizations and people to achieve breakthrough levels of sales, marketing and personal success.
He can be reached for various speaking and consulting services at 727-423-7536 or check out his website at: hjohnmejia.com or e-mail him at: hjohn@inthezonetv.com

‘H’ John Mejia has a unique background of experiences that qualify him as one of the top sales -marketing and motivational experts in the country.

As an award winning TV Host and Producer, he is able to combine his talents and expertise to provide clients breakthrough levels of sales, marketing and personal success.

Services Include:

Video & TV Production
Incentive Marketing
Digital Marketing
Sales Motivation

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