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Social Media and Internet Marketing

The traditional website and social media formats have become an integrated part of today’s best marketing campaigns. Use both, but marry them to each other for best results.

Social Media and Internet MarketingCapitolMarketing.comIt was bound to happen and sooner rather than later. We are seeing the marriage of two major marketing formats intertwined for even better coverage in marketing campaigns. The companies using social media to contact their customers and potential clients are mixing it up by linking their tweets and Facebook posts to internet websites.

Monitoring Your Social Media

Complaining is Oh, So Easy Now

Complaining is Oh, So Easy NowGot a complaint or issue with a company or its products? It now takes seconds to send the complaint viral as opposed to the old snail mail or email methods for lodging complaints.

Online MarketingThe idea of complaining about something you’ve paid good money for was once a bastion of those who had the time and could remain mad enough long enough to get the complaining done. It was never for those who are busy or find it easy to cool down and let bygones be bygones.

Using Social Media to Reward Your Employees

Using Social Media to Reward Your EmployeesGiving your employees kudos when well deserved can be done through social media, inter-company communications, or in person. Use one or do all three.

Employee Incentive Programs: One of the best things you can do to reward your exemplary employees is to recognize them publicly among their peers. In studies that go back decades, it has been said over and over again that in a situation where there are multiple employees working in a division or department of a company, most employees cite recognition as their first priority when being rewarded for a job well done. Among supervisory personnel, where a raise in salary tops the list, the other employees prefer to be recognized by their superiors.

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