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Avoid Eyestrain for More Productive Use of Computer Time

Avoid Eyestrain for More Productive Use of Computer TimeAvoiding eyestrain is one way to increase your productivity behind the computer. Share these tips with your co-workers and employees to help them work more comfortably.

Spending hours on end staring at your computer screen is bound to result in at least the occasional headache. In addition, when we aren’t at the desk we carry our laptops everywhere, or have other electronic devices that keep us in a never ending cycle of viewing what may be harmful to our eyes. The resulting eye strain, called CVS, computer vision syndrome, can cause lost time due to blurred vision, muscle strain, and headaches. It’s difficult to think clearly when your head hurts. Stay on top of your game by using a few tips from

Stage Fright Affects Entertainers and Business People Alike

How Stage Fright Affects Entertainers and Business People AlikeStage fright is common and affects most everyone at some time or other. Whether it’s talking to a client, speaking at a fund raiser, or performing, find a way to overcome the fear and let your inner star shine brightly.

Increase Your Comfort Level: Self ImprovementStage fright isn’t just for entertainers that make their living playing to crowds. It can be experienced by those who simply must speak to an important client on the phone, through Skype, or in person. If this is something that tends to grip you, don’t despair. It’s so common that it has been called the number one fear of people from all backgrounds, professions, and ages. There are ways to help you cope with stage fright and increase your comfort level.

Don’t Waste Time and Money Procrastinating

Now or Later?Procrastination is all too common, especially among self employed business owners. It’s a waste of time and money, so do what you can to cure yourself of the habit.

Breaking the Procrastination Habit- Self ImprovementThe tendency to procrastinate affects most, if not all, of us at least sometimes. For those who habitually put things off until the last minute, there’s more work to do if you want to stop and become more efficient with your time. Consider that for every task you put off, you still have it in mind, so you’re taking time and attention from the task you are involved in. That means you’re wasting time, which is money, by working with distraction. Any task that you know must be done is still sitting in your brain’s inbox, keeping you from giving your other important jobs the full attention that they deserve.

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