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How ‘H’ John Mejia, Helped Client Increase Sales by Almost 6 Million Dollars!

This magazine article was recently featured in a national trade publication and it describes how,‘H’ John Mejia, (Sales-Marketing Strategist/ TV Host-Producer/ Speaker) helped his client increase sales by close to 6 million dollars with his guaranteed sales promotion.

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Using Social Media to Reward Your Employees

Using Social Media to Reward Your EmployeesGiving your employees kudos when well deserved can be done through social media, inter-company communications, or in person. Use one or do all three.

Employee Incentive Programs: One of the best things you can do to reward your exemplary employees is to recognize them publicly among their peers. In studies that go back decades, it has been said over and over again that in a situation where there are multiple employees working in a division or department of a company, most employees cite recognition as their first priority when being rewarded for a job well done. Among supervisory personnel, where a raise in salary tops the list, the other employees prefer to be recognized by their superiors.

Employees Love Break Time Incentives

Incentive SystemsGiving your employees the gift of a TV in the break room or a fridge stocked with high end sodas and coffees can motivate them to work a bit harder. Non-cash incentives come in many forms, but break time fun might be the best motivator.

Break Time Incentives: When you have employees it will be important for you to motivate them. As in all professions and various ways to earn a living, after a time the job becomes just that – a job. No matter what it is and how exciting or stimulating it may be, it will become somewhat routine at some point and motivation can wane in even the very best of employees.

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